Learn To Skate In Small Spaces in 5 Days

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Learn To Skate In Small Spaces in 5 Days

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Thanks for signing up for our online Learn To Skate in 5 days!

This class is great for skaters that need to relearn to skate or this is your 1st time on skates.

But 1st it is best to some back functional movement ability off skates such as:

  • ability to do squats
  • ability to stand on one leg for 30 second
  • ability sit on the floor and get up

It your body can not do this stuff off skates let up know and we will send you our "Off Skate Get Ready For Skates" program for FREEE!
and read and sign the waiver

Here's what you will learn

Day 1

  • Falls & Getting Up

Day 2

  • Footwork Warmup
  • Edges
  • More Falls,
  • Stops
  • 1 Foot Skating

Day 3

  • Crossovers

Day 4

  • Transitions & Endurance

Day 5

  • Toe Stop Runs

We practice deliberate practice?

What is deliberate practice?

If you’ve ever watched the movie Karate Kid and the teachings of Mr. Miyagi, this is what deliberate practice looks like, it is repetitious movements over and over again, then we apply them in a real world scenarios such as skating down the street, and needing to come to a stop or make a turn from forward backwards.

What we’re are doing with deliberate practices is building muscle memory and nuro plasticity, to allow your body to make the functional movements (with skates on) you need to be able to execute movements to allow you to;

  • be lateral on rollerskates,
  • stop on rollerskates
  • slow down on rollerskates
  • turn corners on rollerskates
  • turn around from forward to backwards on rollerskates,
  • spin on rollerskates
  • Skating on 1 foot, and much more,

All this is accomplished through highly targeted deliberate practices and practice.

Learn To Skate Online is for skaters looking to get into recreational roller skating, dance skating, skating for cardio, trail skating, figure skating, speed skating or roller derby.

Requirements For Learn To Skate Online:

One requirement for beginner class. You will need to have a strong sense of balance offskates on one foot for both your right and left leg. To test your self stand on one foot for 30 seconds. If you can balance for 30 seconds you are ready to start training with skates on.

If not let us know and we can help you get ready off skates with balance and core training videos.

What you need for Learn To Skate Online Classes

  • 8×8 ft of flat skating surface
  • comfortable clothes you can move in
  •  Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, and a Helmet.