Baby Bird Beginner Roller Skating
Baby Bird Beginner Roller Skating

Baby Bird Beginner Roller Skating


Baby Bird  Learn To Sk8

Baby Bird Learn to Sk8 Is a Four week progressive hanging onto the walls to beginner class readiness  roller skating program. 


This is a small class for skaters that are not quite ready for beginner class, and not quite into doing a one on one session.


How do I know if I’m a baby bird?

You are a baby bird if you are doing any of the following when skating. 

  1. Hanging onto the walls
  2. Cannot stand up on skates
  3. Terrified of falling
  4. Cannot get up from a fall

$150 4/weeks 

Wednesday 6pm -7pm
Check in at 5:45pm be ready to hug the wall at 6pm. 

4 Weeks Long

(No Walk Ins)

Located at Funcity Sk8 1500 North Texas Ave.

Webster TX, 77598


Baby Bird Learn To Sk8 is your 1st step to laying the foundation of roller skating.


Requirement for beginner class

  • Beginner level skaters must have all protective gear
    Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards and a Helmet
    When you test out of beginner class to to one of our roller sports programs you can remove your protective gear.
  • Be able to commit to showing up to all 4 weeks.
    (If you miss a week you will be lost when you return, each class builds on the other class.)

In our baby bird beginner class we will unlock

  • 1. How to stay low
    2. How to get fall  
    3. How to get up
    4. How to not roll
    5. How to roll
    6. How to do scissors