BanxGiving Banked Track Challenge!

BanxGiving Banked Track Challenge!


If you have ever wondered what it feels like to roller derby on a banked track, here’s your chance! Sign your roller skating loving heart up for the BanxGiving Banked Track Challenge!! 

The challenge it a 2 month membership for October & November with a banked track game as the grand finally.


  • Need your own gear
  • Complete BanxGiving Challenge Entry Level Tryouts.
    September 30th 7pm -9pm 
  • Practice at least 2 days a week (see practice calendar here)
  • Skate and Help Set Up and Teardown BanxGiving Weekend!
    Set up and practice is Nov 15th and your Grand Finally Banked Track Game will be Nov 16th 7pm at the Pasadena Convention Center. Teardown will be November 17th.
  • ALL SKATERS SET UP AND TEAR DOWN OUR BIG SEXY TRACK ON  Yup that’s part of being a member.
Practice Locations: Our practice locations will vary from week to week between 3 locations. Most of our practices are held at Pearwood Skate Center, but due to Pearwood's private party bookings, from time to time we will move our practice location to FunCity Skate or Frankie Carter Randolph Park.
How will I know where practice is? At the beginning of each week we will send out practice locations via text, facebook group post, and the schedule can always be referenced at our web site

If you are up for the challenge read over the highly recommended skating ability and requirements.

Space is very limited. 

Registration closes September 23rd

Tryouts Will Be Healed September 30th If for some reason you do not make the cut your membership will be refunded.

 Recommended skating abilities requirements

  1. Be a female age 18 yrs and up
  2. Have at least 2 full seasons of playing flat or banked track roller derby under your belt.
  3. You are actively practicing roller derby flat or banked 2 days a week.
  4. You can pass the WFTDA skills assessment
  5.  Sign a liability waiver, and have personal medical insurance.