Adult Dance on Skates
Adult Dance on Skates

Adult Dance on Skates


Funcity Dance on Skates
(18yrs & up)

Funcity Dance On Skates Is a Four week progressive beginner Dance On Skates program. 


$95 4/weeks or save with auto billing cancel any time $85 a month auto billing

Wednesday 7pm -8pm
Check in at 6:45pm be ready to roll at 7pm

4 Weeks Long

(No Walk Ins)

Located at Funcity Sk8 1500 North Texas Ave.

Webster TX, 77598


Funcity Dance on Skates is your 1st step to laying the 


Requirement for beginner class

  • Requirements.

    Complete or test out of Beginner Learn to Skate

    What you will learn

  • Grooving / Bouncing Up & Down

  • Grooving Hip Knee Pops

  • Step Toe Touch

  • Step Heel Touch

  • Step All Wheels Touch

  • Step Pigeon Toe Touch

  • Step Pigeon Heel Touch

  • Step Touch (out)

  • Heel Pivots

  • Knees in

  • Basic Footwork sequence

  • Slow Walk

  • Crab walk

  • Grapevine

  • Downtown


  • Moonwalk

  • Strut - cross in front

  • Shuffle Skating

  • Choreograph group routine


    Once you’re passing the beginner dance skills assessment you can move into intermediate Dance on Skates! Where we remove our toes stops, and start learning footwork involving front wheels.