Roller ⚡️Sumba July 12th League City

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Roller ⚡️Sumba July 12th League City

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July 12th 6pm Lloyd Ferguson Gym in League City

 Roller Sumba is a Roller Pump dance on skates fitness program that incorporates Latin and international music and dance on skates movements to create a dynamic and engaging workout.

The workouts typically involve high-energy dance on skates footwork moves set to upbeat music, with a focus on cardio and aerobic exercise. Benefits of participating in Roller Sumba include improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, enhanced coordination, balance and looking and feeling cool! 🛼😎

This class is for skaters that already know how to skate! If you’re needing to learn the basics, sign up for our women’s beginner class or book a 1 on 1 lesson with one of our certified Roller Pump Roller Skating Trainers.

You will need your own quad skates (if you don’t have your own skates there is 99.9% chance you are not ready for this class. Start in our beginner class and you can use the awesome brown rinks skates while you are in beginner class.) sign up for beginner class here >>

And if you have your own skates let's Roller Sumba!