Couples Beginner Learn To Roller Skate

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Couples Beginner Learn To Roller Skate



🌟 Calling all lovebirds on wheels! 🌟
Looking for a wheely fun and romantic way to spice up your date nights? Look no further than our "Rollin' Romance" couples rollerskating class! 🛼❤️

Join us for four consecutive weeks of laugh-filled, roller skating action every Monday night, starting September 11. Together, you'll roll through the ups and downs of learning to rollerskate while embracing that adorable, cheesy date night magic. 😄💑

As the weeks progress, so will your sweet rollerskating skills and your love for each other!! From wobbly beginners to smooth gliders, you'll witness the transformation firsthand. You will be a true POWER COUPLE after this 4 week progressive rollerskating class!! 

$150 /4 Classes  (per couple)

Class Time every Monday starting September 11

Monday 6-7pm
(No Walk Ins)

Required Skills

  • Able to stand up on skates and roll  we will get your rolling, stopping, turning, and going!

Highly recommended gear but not required. However, remember you’re not in junior high anymore, you’re a grown adult and it hurts a little more when we fall so protect the things that are important to you to keep your body working as God intended it to work. 

  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards and a Helmet
    If you do not have Quad Skates we will have loaner skates for you.
  • a great attitude
  • wear work out clothes 
  • bring water
  • eat some thing! Fuel up before class you will need energy
  • bring water water water!

We are located at
Pearwood Skate Center
1230 Broadway
Pearland Tx 77581