Derby Online School Of Footwork (FREE WEEK)

Derby Online School Of Footwork (FREE WEEK)


Build Strength! Stay Active! And Get Ready For The 2020 Derby Season!

Weekly Home Roller Workouts Uploaded Every Monday, and Wednesday.

Derby Online is great for both kids and adults. You will need a pair of roller skates, and have access to a smooth flat 8 x 8 surface.

If you don’t have roller skates, there is an option for off skate in our beginner program.


Derby Online was created for South Side Roller Derby‘s current members to keep their footwork skills up to par so when they return to practice they are ready to roll. One week into beta testing the program, it quickly became a reality that more than our advanced athletes want this program, so we are opening it up to everyone that wants to try.

We will have 2 classes uploaded each week for each level. Each workout is 60 minutes long.

There will also be a Facebook group to join, so you can connect with Derby Online students and your trainers.

Stay Fit, Stay Safe💗

What you need for Online Derby School

  • 8x8ft of flat skating surface.
  • wear work out clothes
  • water, hydrate!
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, Helmet and Quad Skates if you need starter gear let us know we have starter packages for sale HERE>>

Here's a sneak peek at our beginner class.