Jumps & Spins


Jumps & Spins


Funcity Jumps & Spins

Funcity Learn to Sk8 Is a Four week progressive Advance - Elite roller skating program. 


$95 4/weeks or save with auto billing cancel any time $85 a month auto billing

Wednesdays  at Funcity Skate 6 PM to 7 PM

Jumps & Spins is  a 4 week progressive Advanced/Elite Class on Roller Skating Jumps & Spins. 6-7pm

Learn How To Rotate
Learn The Art Of The Rap
Learn How To Set Up and Launch
Learn How To Check Out
Learn How To Launch With and Without Toe Stops


You will fall a lot! Wrist and knee pads must be on until you are consistently landing your tricks.

Once you’re consistently landing your trick you can then start learning how to do them without protective gear and add your style and creative flair!

This class is for skaters that are already landing 360s/single jumps and doing 2 foot spins with at least three revolutions.

This knowledge is used for Roller Dance, park skating, Street skating, figure, freedom & fun!!