Beginner Junior Roller Fit

Beginner Junior Roller Fit

BEGINNER ~(RDBC1) 7 yrs -17yrs
Beginner is your 1st step to laying the foundation of your roller skating life.
Class Time Monday 6-7pm (This class is a 4 week class)

Required Skills For Beginner Class

  • be a Females 7 –17yrs old
  • able to skate at a steady speed
  • able to stop
  • able to skate around moving and stationary objects.
    If you need help making the basic requirements select "Sign Up For A 1 On 1 Training Session"


  • a great attitude
  • wear work out clothes
  • bring water, hydrate!
  • eat some thing! Fuel up before class you will need energy
  • bring water water water!
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Wrist Guards and a Helmet
    If you do not have Quad Skates we will have loaner skates for you.

We are located at
Pearwood Skate Center
1230 Broadway
Pearland Tx 77581