March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class
March Session - Women's Intermediate Class

South Side Roller Derby

March Session - Women's Intermediate Class


$75/Month after the 5th of the month the membership is $85/month

In this class you will begin learning all the legal blocks, how to take hits, how to skate with others, and how to play the game!

Class Time Monday 8-9pm
There will be some bonus practice sessions available we will let you know at your Monday practice if there is a bonus intermediate training session each week.

Required skills:

  • complete 4 Beginner Classes
  • Be passing the 10/4 in 3 min or less
  • you will need all your own gear (if you still need gear you can purchase gear here) and pick up your purchase at the rink.

You will need:

  • a great attitude
  • wear workout clothes
  • bring water
  • eat something! Fuel up before class you will need energy

About the bonus practice

Our bonus practice is normally on Wednesday nights, but from time to time our Wednesday practice may be moved to Tuesday or Thursday or with weather permitting outdoors at Frankie Randolph Park, you will always be  informed well in advance of what the practice schedule is going to be that week.

At your bonus practice, you will be learning something called the South Side Skills Assessment, which includes the 10/4, which you were already familiar with, and cone drills! The only way you’re going to pass the skills assessment is by deliberately practicing the drills over and over again.  This is where your bonus practice comes in, we give you this bonus practice so you can practice your cone drills deliberately, and work on your form and technique, when your form and technique gets mastered, you will begin to get closer to meeting your skills assessment numbers. Always remember form first overspeed, you will never pass it if you’re not doing the form correctly.

You can find an example of the skills test here

  • Once you are passing the skills assessment  you will be eligible to transfer into our Fresh Meat class and start participating in our fresh meat skills and drills classes.

Intermediate Training Program

Goals are to improve the your balance, footwork, The way will measure your balance and footwork skills is through passing the cone drills and The way we will measure your speed and fall recovery is through your 10/4. Your 10/4 time should be two minutes and 10 seconds or less to transfer into the fresh meat/advanced class

Below is an example of what our Monday class regiment looks like.

Warm Up every week:

  • 5 laps in each direction
  • All 8 on the floor
  • Single leg pump, 1 lap each leg
  • 60 sec cone drills

Week 1

  • One-foot skating on the straight and crossovers on the corners.
  • skating the diamond to improve their 10/4 time
  • Transitions
  • 3-point turn/box turn.
  • Hockey Circles
  • Basic Derby Game Play
  • 10/4!

Week 2

  •  Hockey Circle
  • Transitions - 3-point turn/box turn.
  • Edging
  • Pusher drill
  • Pusher 2-wall
  • Pack definition – Proximity – Engagement Zone – Out of Play Penalty
  • 10/4!

Week 3

  • One-foot skating
  • Rocking Horses
  • Counter-blocking
  • Legal blocking zones
  • Stationary blocking
  • 2-wall counter-blocking
  • Basic Line Up  Practice
  • 10/4!

Week 4

  • Drunken sailor
  • Captain Morgan
  • Edge Work
  • Partner Work - Bowling
  • 2-wall blocking
  • One on one
  • Basic 3-wall
  • Basic goat
  • 10/4