Men’s Roller Derby Training
Men’s Roller Derby Training

Men’s Roller Derby Training

Recreational Men's Roller Derby USARS rules!
Skills and Drills Flat Track Wednesday Practices.
6pm-8pm Funcity Sk8 Webster Tx

$30 One Hit Wonder
$95 (4 class Punch-card)

WHAT DO I NEED? Helmet, Elbow, Wrist Guards, Knee Pads, Mouth Guard and for scrimmage drills, you will need a white top, and a black top!


  • You will be improving on your speed and agility (cone drills and 10/4)
  • Skating with others in a “pack” (Making walls, Plow Stopping, Staying with your team and more) 
  • Contact drills (Blocking!!) 
  • How to play the game!

Start reading the rules!! The Rules 

WHEN is Roller Derby Class?
Currently we are only offering Wed practice 6-8pm. More days as we grow our men's memberships.

After you sign up we will send your an email with more info and a wavier to fill out online.

When signing up put your
derby name
text phone number & email address to receive info (if different than your payment info)

If you have any question call or text Tater 281 460 2240