Power Hour


Power Hour

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Power Hours! For just $10, claim an hour of power on select Tuesdays and Fridays from 9-10am. Act quickly though, as spaces are limited. Reach out via DM to secure your spot today!

What Exactly is Power Hour?

Power Hour is a dedicated one-hour session of skating with a unique ambiance. During this time, the rink lights are in practice mode, the music is turned down, and there are fewer people around, all of which creates an ideal setting for you to focus on practicing your moves.

Please Note:
This is not a structured class. Instead, Power Hour offers skaters the opportunity to drop in at the rink whenever they can and work on improving their skills at their own pace.

Coaching Access:
Additionally, there is an accessible skating coach Brenda Holley / Tater on-site with a rich background in various disciplines including figure skating, speed skating, agility, footwork, dance, and roller derby. She is there to help you refine your technique and provide expert guidance as needed!