Riedell Rogue Roller Skates

Riedell Rogue Roller Skates


Of all the parts that make up a skate, the boot is the only one that actually touches your foot. With that in mind, we designed the 796 boot used in the Rogue skate out of all leather outers for durability and a thinly padded lining that offers comfort, but also a fit that is close to the foot for more performance. The base of the Rogue is a reinforced PowerDyne Thrust plate that flexes slightly for a forgiving feel that builds confidence in newer skaters. An outstanding all-around wheel, the Radar Flat Out, sits on the bottom of the Rogue. Its consistent grip works on several surface types and its durability allows you to keep skating without having to worry about wearing out your wheels too soon.

Here is how to get the perfect Riedell Skate fit.

Step 1
get a sheet of paper (some of you may need 2 sheets for this to work)

Step 2
put your foot on the paper and trace your foot (How fun!!)

Step 3
Get a measuring tape and measure the big toe to the heel (Weeeeee! take note of how many inches long your foot is.)

Step 4
No match the inches up with the right size.


 Boot: 796 Black
 Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
 Wheels: Radar Flat Out Ice Blue
 Bearings: KwiK ABEC-5
 Toe Stop: PD Round Black
 Sizes: 1-14 Full Only - Medium
 MSRP: $199