Riedell Vandal Roller Skates
Riedell Vandal Roller Skates

Riedell Vandal Roller Skates


The classic two stripe design of our leather 265 boot recalls vintage derby skates while the durable PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates provide the most exceptional performance at the most affordable price.

Radar Bullet wheels are quick E-Tech material for insane grip and wicked speed.

The 265 boot has a soft flexible fit with a wider toe box.  The leather cinch strap allows the heel to stay in place while skating and elastic on the tongues keep the tongue from sliding.

Boot: 265 Black

Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon

Wheels: Radar Bullet 88A Neon Yellow

Bearings: Kwik Zenith

Toe Stop: PD Moonwalker Red

Here is how to get the perfect Riedell Skate fit.

Sept 1
Get a sheet of paper (some of you may need 2 sheets for this to work)

Step 2
Put your foot on the paper and trace your foot.

Step 3
Get a measuring tape and measure the big toe to the heel (Take note of how many inches long your foot is.)

Step 4
Now match the inches up with the right size.