Teen/Tween Dance On Skates (10yrs -17yrs)
Teen/Tween Dance On Skates (10yrs -17yrs)

Teen/Tween Dance On Skates (10yrs -17yrs)


Teen/Tween Dance On Skates (10yrs -17yrs)
$25 per class or $85 Four Class Punch Card.

Learn To Dance On Skates! Fall in love with being active. Dance on Skates is for all rollerskating levels from Beginner to Advanced. Dance On Skates is 60 minutes of rollerskating fun, the first 30 minutes is instruction and proper form, the last 30 we pump it up and move our bodies to a sequence of footwork. There is a footwork sequence for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skaters to ensure all levels are feeling successful and confident on skates!
  • Class is at Pearwood Skate Center 
  • Class Starts at 7pm
  • Protective gear is highly recommended if you are a fall risk.
  • Wear your favorite workout gear, or SKateFit! 
  • be a Females 10yrs - 17 yrs
  • able to skate at a steady speed
  • able to skate around moving and stationary objects.
    If you need help making the basic requirements select “Sign Up For our indoor beginner class.

Via purchasing this class you agree to the COVID 19 Practice Policy
Practices are closed: The only spectators allowed in the building are guardians. Mask are not required, there for if you if it is too risky for your health or any loved ones health, please remain at home, until you feel safe to participate in unmasked activities.